Hello, my name is Bruce Johansson, and I welcome you to my website. If you are thinking about refinishing your hardwood floors, I've got some advice for you: floor sanding is a skill - hire a professional! I have the experience to know the best approach based on the type of floor and the condition. "The Sandman's Touch" is the skill that comes with constant daily use (like Eric Clapton or BB King playin' the blues). I am reliable, I show up on schedule and ready to work. I keep a clean, professional worksite. Let SANDMAN HARDWOOD FLOORS bring beauty and new life to your hardwood floors at very reasonable prices. I have sanded and refinished over 10,000 floors in my 25+ year career. No matter what type of floor situation you've got, call The Sandman for a superb job at low, low $ rates. 
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  • Stained old kitchen floor
  • Old Kitchen Floor No More!
  • Covered in adhesive
  • The wood shines through
  • Layers of paint
  • No more paint
  • Dark and dirty
  • Clean and fresh
  • Rough and stained
  • Smooth and clean
  • Yellowed with age
  • Just like new
  • Discolored and aged
  • Transformed
  • Old and worn looking
  • Bright and shiny
  • Covered in paint
  • No more paint
  • Recycled floor during sanding
  • Recycled floor complete
  • Can't see the wood
  • Sanding begun
  • Like new
  • Old floor
  • New Life!
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  • Full Sand and Refinish
  • Buff and Recoat
  • Repair or Patch
  • New Installation
  • Custom Design and Inlays
  • Custom Stain
  • Consultation
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Watch my YouTube videos below showing how even a heavily stained old floor can be brought back to life -
"Old To New, That's What I Do"

Your Hardwood Floor Has a History
A wood floor is not only healthy, beautiful and durable, it has a story behind it. Have you ever wondered about the origin of your wood floor? Homes in the heart of Minneapolis and St. Paul were built in the late 1800's to 1920's and usually have floors of maple, birch, fir and sometimes oak. The maple is 1 1/2" inch or 2 1/4" wide, and would have most likely come from northern Michigan and Wisconsin. The age of these trees would have been 100 to 250 years old, so some of these trees were alive and thriving before the United States existed. Homes built from 1920-1950, mostly the bungalows and ramblers, contain wood flooring from trees that were living in the late 1700's to Civil War times. The older bungalows will have a mixture of oak and maple, with oak being more predominant. The oak came mostly from the Appalachian region and areas south. A southern red oak will have more of a pink hue than the northern red oak. 1950's homes can date their floors back to Civil War times, early statehood, and the advent of the automobile age. The first and second ring suburbs including St. Louis Park, Richfield, Crystal, New Hope, etc., will be mostly red oak, a few white oak which is mostly northern and mostly 1 1/2" inch width. Homes built in the 1960's - 1980's have less hardwood, as it had become cheaper to use plywood and carpet. The hardwood flooring business was at a low point during that period. The homes from that era that do have wood floors will have the 1 1/2" red oak. In the 1970's, dark brown floors were popular for a while. All hardwood floors were originally coated with an oil base finish of some sort, lacquers earlier and polyurethanes later. In the 1990's, the wood floor resurgence occured, not through the whole house, but mostly in the entry, kitchen and family room. These floors are a mix of 2 1/4" inch strips, mostly red oak (the most popular flooring) and maple. Also in the 90's began the use of rain forest and other exotic woods. At the same time began a shift to the new high-tech and superior water-base finishes. In the 2000's oak is still tops along with maple, but a lot of variety continues with other woods. Even a new floor installed today will come from trees that pre-date the airplane, the TV and the atom bomb.

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